About Ian Stewart

Ian Stewat OsteopathI have always been fascinated with how the human body works; this is my passion.

I was drawn to osteopathy to solve a problem. My mother was in pain, for years following a whiplash injury. I wanted to help – to relieve her unremitting headaches and neck pain. So I studied remedial massage and then osteopathy.

I have over twenty years experience in the field. Helping to relieve pain is still what drives me. My skills, experience and passion for helping people are supported by the facilities and equipment I have.

I have a well-equipped office offering:-

  • state of the art electrotherapy equipment (including ultrasound and interferential)
  • a flexion distraction chiropractic table
  • ArthroStim and VibraCussor therapy machines as an effective alternative to manual adjustments

The chiropractic table is very flexible enabling my patients to be treated in many positions and can also apply gentle flexion and distraction, which can provide relief from sciatic pain.

Keen observational skills inform my clinical decisions as to how to work with dysfunction and pain to give the most effective treatment. In order to help the patient understand their postural analysis, I can use a postural app which measures the postural challenges and shows the patient where the problems and answers may be found.

I communicate using the language of the body. This is why I often find success with aches, tiredness and stress, which do not have a set diagnosis or label.

I have the expertise and tools required to enable your body to function at its best.

I also utilise the Koren Specific Technique, this was developed as a result of research and clinical experimentation in 2003 as an improved form of chiropractic spinal care. Patients can be more thoroughly analysed then ever before, with the adjustments holding better and for longer periods of time.