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Ian Stewart Osteopath
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 48 reviews
by Steven Bough on Ian Stewart Osteopath
pain around c6 vertbre painful sholder to tip thumb & finger
Job Title: ?
Location: s-in-a

i would just like to thank Ian Stewart for doing what i thought was impossible i tried the bower treatment first but had little success, even the local Dr had no idea what to do to be honest because been on a lot of pain medication .i had about 3 session with Ian Stewart who i think is one in a million i soon realised it was c6 vertbre .my neck & shoulder is better .and the least i can do is thank him i really did enjoy seeing Ian Stewart regards steven bough & Poppie (my dog) who is glad her owner can take me on better walks again...thx again...p.s my dad goes to my mum rec i seen IAN...

by Dan Forest on Ian Stewart Osteopath
First class treatment
Job Title: Software developer
Location: Hucknall

I went to see Ian with pain in my lower back and chest. Ian displays excellent knowledge of the field, was able to quickly give me a significant improvement in my quality of life. He is friendly and professional and I found our sessions as enjoyable as they were helpful

by Jo Perdue on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Thoroughly recommend!!
Location: Keyworth

I was in absolute agony with my shoulder and arm when I saw Ian a couple of weeks ago (September 2020). Ian told me that it was a disc problem, which figures considering my history. I had two sessions with Ian, 3 days apart, and was in some discomfort for just a few days afterwards. But my goodness, it was worth it! I’ve had absolutely no issues at all since. I can THOROUGHLY recommend Ian - extremely professional and his treatment works!!!

by Audrey Evans on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Genuine Guy
Job Title: Care Worker
Location: Nottingham

I visited Osteopath Ian Stewart recently with complex skeletal symptoms. Ian was extremely personable, attentive and interested in covering all aspects of my clinical history in an attempt to identify and tailor the best course of treatment for me. He was genuinely caring and took it on himself to research my condition to provide appropriate treatment and relief. He has a wide knowledge of conditions but uses a a holistic approach and is prepared to think outside the box, which is so refreshing. I would highly recommend him to others

by Gill King on Ian Stewart Osteopath
“Hits the spot!”
Job Title: Retired midwife
Location: Radcliffe on Trent

I’ve suffered from a bad neck and occasional lower back pain for several years, and tended just to ‘put up with it’ until it became very acute and I could barely move a few weeks ago. I recalled a couple of friends who has seen Ian, and were very impressed, so I made an appointment and thankfully Ian was able to see me almost immediately. Great care was spent taking my medical history, checking my posture and mobility, before commencing any hands-on treatment. He was soon able to diagnose the root of my problem, and treated me accordingly, and this continues at each and every consultation, he listens to all symptoms and varies his treatments as necessary.

. Ian is very knowledgeable and professional, and also very friendly and easy to talk to.

He has, and continues to, take every precaution to maintain a safe and clean environment for treatment in these challenging times of COVID-19.

I’m very thankful for my friends’ recommendation, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ian either.

by Val Bingham on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Wonderful relief
Job Title: House Keeper/ Teacher
Location: Tollerton Nottinghamshire

Both my husband and I have been helped enormously through our visits to Ian's practice in Radcliffe on Trent for various back pains. I suffer very badly from Migraine, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Factor V Leiden, Ian has helped with all of my symptoms individually and sympathetically which has given me the ability to continue working in quite a physical job.

Ian is one of a few Osteopaths who use a Theraflex machine, this is a massage technique that gets deep into your muscles amongst many other things that have moved out of alinement, and the results are almost instant!

Please give this lovely man a call at any time for a chat if you are suffering any sort of discomfort with aches and pains, we both highly recommend Ian Stewart.

by Isobel Quill on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Happy with Treatment
Job Title: Retired teacher
Location: Melton Mowbray

Ian Stewart was recommended to me by family members receiving regular treatment.

I was experiencing headaches and pin and needles, causing me discomfort and alarm. After a number of sessions with Ian, I am now comfortably free of most of these symptoms.

Ian is also addressing shoulder and elbow pains I have been experiencing for years. Already, I have greater flexibility and the confidence that I may even return to some of my previous sporting activities - which I'd felt I might never do again!

Ian Stewart is professional, knowledgeable and thorough in his diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend him as a specialist in muscle and joint pain treatment.

by Rebecca Dolan on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Highly recommended!
Location: Nottingham

I went to Ian with chronic neck pain and also lower back/hip pain. I found immediate relief after the first treatment and continued improvement with each session. Ian is very professional, thorough and holistic in his assessment and treatment, whilst being friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

by Dorothea Whitworth on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Previous Patient
Job Title: Retired
Location: Nottingham

I can highly recommend Ian Stewart who has treated me successfully for 4 different problems. Firstly an MRI scan revealed a slipped disc on the nerve, giving me back pain, sciatica, sleepless nights and the inability to sit down. Physio did not help, and an operation a last resort; then a friend told me about Ian Stewart. After one session, he had successfully manipulated the disc back into place.

In more recent years he has cured a shoulder problem, and later a neck problem and most recently a hamstring injury.

by P Smith on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Overall well Being
Job Title: retired
Location: Ollerton

I have be going to see Ian over many years. Firstly for pains in my lower back and legs. He worked wonders with me and I am pain free. I still go to see him about 3 or 4 times a year just to keep me in good sha

by Alison on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Job Title: Retired
Location: Nottingham

I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years and believed it was just something I had to live with. Ian has treated me using the Theraflex massage treatment and I am amazed at the improvement.
Ian is very professional and I would highly recommend him.

by Frank Coutts on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Osteopath par excellence
Job Title: Retired
Location: Forest Town

I have had chronic back pain for fifty years and it is only Osteopaths that kept me working and supporting my family through that time. I have lived here in Forest Town for six years . when I moved hear I looked for an Osteopath before even a doctor, and was fortunate enough to find Ian pretty quickly.
This man has in my opinion magic hands he can analyse your situation very quickly and will treat you with the utmost care and consideration. For example if the treatment he has to give you is causing discomfort he will change to a different type of treatment if your problem will enable him to, He has many Chiropractic technics as well as massage technics. He really loves his profession and attends many courses to keep himself up to speed on any latest developments. Finally, I've had some great osteopaths over the years but Ian is the very best.

by Chris Wade on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Job Title: teacher
Location: Nottingham

Ian worked thoroughly through my consultation to determine. The right treatment plan and recognised immediately where my problem had arisen from .i found the treatment gave immediate relief to my shoulder and have rebooked a follow up session.

by Finola Brady on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Theraflex treatment

I regularly see Ian as I have scoliosis and work at a desk all day. For the past few months he has been using the Theraflex treatment on me, and I find it really effective for soft-tissue work and massage. It really loosens up my back and I always leave his practice feeling so much better.

by Nick Owen on Ian Stewart Osteopath
Job Title: Director
Location: Nottingham

I contacted Ian to help with a long term hamstring injury.
His physical and holistic knowledge and treatment with the new Theraflex equipment is very good. I have now recovered fully in the time frame that Ian suggested I'm very happy with the treatment I received. I now have an exceptional osteopath in Ian so I know where to go with my next injury! and would highly recommend him to my family, friends or anyone reading this review.

Great Clinic and Service second to none. Ian was able to treat and sort out my injury where previous professionals could not so I can't recommend him highly enough.

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